After all this time?

AFTER ALL THIS TIME?ALWAYS... Welcome to my blog! My name is Lily Francis, I am from Bristol(UK) but currently live in San Francisco. I am a college student, tend to be very philosophical and just obsessed with Harry Potter. In my vision Harry Potter is not only a set of fantastic books but it's also a childhood. I don't want to let go my childhood and grow old. However, even Harry Potter is a constant reminder that we become older and we loose the most treasured things like innocence. In the end we all realize how we matured but we must not forget our childhood,the most beautiful season of our lives. I am so grateful that JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, no words can express my gratitude. Not only it's so charmingly captivating but it's very philosophical and teach us the most important things that we will need in our lives. "The stories we love best do live in us forever…so whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always welcome you home" P.S. oh yes, I love fashion, misfits, gossip girl and France too :) All images belong to their authors, unless stated otherwise.
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Look at how Emma looks away as Katie talks about her on-screen kiss with Dan. She looks like she’s about to kill someone. In her mind I bet she’s thinking, “shut up Katie. Shut up.” hahahaha

Katie: I’m sure everyone wants to know if he’s a good kisser. Definitely was (pause, looks over at Dan and Emma) noI just had so much fun filming it, I was so nervous just because everybody had been discussing it before.

This is where my gif comes into play:

aghjfdkasgh EMMA…

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